Queen's Day

May. 1st, 2009 02:26 pm
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Yesterday was Queen's day in my country (The Netherlands). Lots of flea markets everywhere, as that's tradition. It is the only day in the year it is legal for citizens to sell their junk on the streets.
This year seemed to be the most huge exhibit of junk ever. So I was out all day walking around city center, looking for interesting stuff to buy. I managed to score a PacMan LCD game for €1. I'm such a sucker for stuff like that, especially when it's that cheap.

Then while in the car I heard on the news there had been an attempted attack on the Royal Family that was parading elsewhere in the country. Apparently this guy in car tried to ram into the Royals' bus, but instead killed a bunch of onlookers as he plowed through them. Ouch.

Anyway, being an almost stereotypical computer geek that doesn't get out of the basement much (even though I don't have a basement), I don't actually get that much physical exercise. So today I woke up feeling completely beaten up because of the 5-hour stroll through 2 cities yesterday. Good to know I still have muscles though, and it's also a sort of a reminder that I am actually still alive :)
entity: Entity's EVE Portrait (Default)
And to be honest I have little clue about what even to do with this, except maybe to keep an eye on what it is Mark is brewing here.
It looks kinda neat, but whether I need it is as of yet unknown to me.

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